Celebrate nature with us!

2024 Outdoors

Feb. 17 - The Eagle Caravan! The county's best ever bird showcase.

2023 Outdoors
Feb. 18 - 
The Eagle Caravan rolls again!  Meet at Mannington School, 499 NJ 45, 9AM
Mar. 18 -
 Fort Mott, 454 Fort Mott Rd, Pennsville, 9AM
May 13 - 
Belleplain State Forest, a New Jersey hot spot for spring migrants.
               Meet at State Forest office parking, 1 Henkensifkin Rd, 9AM

Jun. 8 - Ocean City heron rookery, meet parking lot of Welcome Center, 10AM
Sep. 16 - 
John Heinz NWR, 8600 Lindbergh Blvd, Philadelphia, 10AM
Oct. 14 - 
Mad Horse Creek WMA, LAC School, 971 Main St, Canton, 9AM, MAP
Nov. 4 - 
Shepherd's Mill Pond, 878 Sheppard's Mill Rd, Greenwich, 9AM, MAP

2022 Outdoors

February 26 - Eagle Caravan, Meet at Mannington School, 9AM
March 19 - The Eagle Caravan rolls again! This time we'll check the southern portion

              of the county.  Meet at LAC School, 971 Main St, Canton, 10AM.
April 9 - 
Walk Sunset Lake area, Hopewell Twp.
              Piney Point parking area, 6 Beebe Run Rd, 10AM.

May 7 - 
Belleplain State Forest, a New Jersey hot spot for spring migrants.
             Meet at State Forest office parking, 1 Henkensifkin Rd, 9AM. 

June 11 - 
Money Island walk. 135 Money Island Road, Elsinboro NJ, 9AM

Sep. 17 - 
Tranquility Trails.  293 High Hill Road, Swedesboro, 9AM.
Oct. 15 - 
Fort Mott, 9AM.  Walk the trails, riverfront, Finns Point Cemetery. 

2021 Outdoors

Mar. 27 - Spring Clean up, Mowers Station Road. 10 AM, meet at Alloway Mun. Bldg.
Apr. 1 - [THURSDAY] Eagle [& duck!] Caravan, 10am, meet at Alloway Mun. Bldg. 

Nov. 13 - Walk grounds of the Inn at Salem Country Club & Delaware River beach, 9:45
AM.  ​ 

2019 Outdoors​
“Eagle Caravan” -
Feb. 16, Always a favorite!
Turkey Point -
Mar. 9. 
Parvin State Park -
Apr. 6, Thundergust Parking Area .
“Peaslee“ -
Apr. 27,  Hike a number of the Peaslee Areas.  
Red Bank Battlefield -
June 1, walk and Delaware River birding.  

How to raise Monarch Butterflies: WORKSHOP - 
June 29, 10am to Noon   
              at Alloway Township Municipal Building.
Butterfly Garden Tour and Club Picnic -
Aug. 24, Drive from garden to garden. 
Mount Cuba Garden tour (Delaware) -
Sept. 12.  
Finns Point -
Oct. 12, Fort Mott parkingarea.
Elephant Swamp Trail -
Nov. 2, Park & begin rear of Elmer Little League field.

2018 Outdoors

Eagle Caravan - ​Feb. 17 Looking for Eagles, wherever they are.
Duck Hunt - Mar. 24 Ride around Mannington searching for ducks.  

Elephant Swamp Walk - ​​Apr. 21 Hike the Elmer end of Elephant Swamp. 

Peaslee WMA - May 5 (Saturday) Short hikes a number of Peasley Areas.

Sheppards Mill Pond Walk - May 31 (Thursday)  Hike around the pond.  

Butterfly Garden Tour and Club Picnic - Aug. 25 (Saturday)  Drive from garden

to garden, beginning at Alloway Township Municipal Garden

Maurice River Bluffs - Sept. 22 (Saturday)  Hike the Bluffs.  
Money Island Walk Nov. 3 (Saturday) Walk on the dike.                

2017 Outdoors

​​Eagle Caravan - 18 February, 9:00am at Point 40 Diner parking lot.​

Bombay Hook - November 2 - Meet 8:30am Pennsville Applebees. We'll then 
drive to Bombay Hook taking the trails and driving routes around the park.

Duck “Hunt” - 18 March,  9:00am at Mannington School parking lot.  

Birding Lower Alloways Creek -15 April, We'll drive the Mad Horse Creek area 

and end at the  boat ramp.

Peaslee Songbird Walks – 6 May, We'll drive to, then walk at least 
three of the Peaslee Tract properties. This is a joint event sponsored by 
the Salem County Nature Club and the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club.

Supawna Meadows National Wildlife Refuge - 17 June, Supawna Meadows

Parking lot on Lighthouse Road. 

Butterfly Garden Tour and picnic - August 26th – We'll visit four butterfly 
gardens, and picnic at Ava Harvey’s garden.  SCNC will supply all food!

“Osprey” Sail – September 16 – 9:45am in the “Osprey” marina parking lot, 
1212 Wilson Drive, Cape May. We'll cruise Cape May’s back bays. 
Cost is only $18 for members and $23 for non-members.

Parvin Walk - October 14, 9:00am in Parvin State Park’s 
main parking lot. SCNC & boy scouts will walk the trails in search of wildlife.

2016 Outdoors

Owl Prowl  8 February, 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm: PSE&G platform,

                   Money Island Road, Elsinboro.
Eagle Caravan - 20 February, 9:00 am
Listen for Frogs - 21 March, 7:30 pm
Holly Hills Walk - 16 April 9:00am​
Belleplain State Forest - 6 May, 8:00am
Fort Mott State Park - 11 June, 8:00am
Delaware Museum of Natural History - 14 July 9:00am. SCNC subsidized a portion of all admissions. 
Butterfly Hunt - 20 August, 11:00 AM: The Club's butterfly garden at the
Municipal Building,  then three other gardens.
DOD Ponds - 15 September, 8:00 AM
Tour Cohanzick Zoo (Bridgeton) - 12 October, 11:00am: 
A guided walking tour

2015 Outdoors​​

Bald Eagle & raptor caravan - February 14, 8:30 AM

Maurice River on the Osprey - April 11, 10:00 AM
The easiest of rides, down the Maurice River with an expert guide.
Cumberland WMAs drive & walk - May 2, 8:00 AM
2nd Annual members' picnic (open to all!) - September 26th 2015, 11:00 AM
Where: Parvin State Park, Thundergust picnic area
Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge -November 4th, 8:30 AM