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Raptor Counters,
Thanks to everyone who took part this year. Special thanks to those who covered an area that wasn’t 100% familiar to them; those who shared a car with maybe a new acquaintance; and the birders who pitched in for the first time. A couple of carloads got “lost” or at least turned around in the wrong direction. I include myself here, who drove a couple miles before
realizing that I’d be better off following the directions instead of my Swiss cheese memory. We’ll put some better directions in place, even if it means sticking to some of the more well-marked roads.

Weather was perfect on Sunday: right around the freezing point at 8:00, clear skies, with light winds from the south. Thirty-five people took part, driving over 1100 miles and donating almost 70 hours. Thank you. A couple of routes had to be covered on Saturday, the coldest day yet of 2023. Conditions there might have depressed sightings of the smaller hawks and
falcons. Who knows? In all three counties individual birds showed up in slightly higher than average numbers. Our
once-in-a-while Osprey went missing, but the once-in-a-while Northern Goshawk made an appearance [Mike Ivanick’s group again].

Let’s look at everything. There were a few less Black Vultures than expected and a few more Turkey Vultures. This
pattern was consistent over all three counties. Bald Eagles: two hundred twenty-seven [227] sets a new high record, with Salem’s ninety-six just one bird shy of that county’s record. Cumberland’s one hundred seven [107] is its second highest total, and Gloucester’s twenty-eight sets another high record. And that's with one area, Route #1 in Gloucester again,
failing to spot an eagle. Northern Harriers were close to average, although Frank Lenik’s group’s thirteen helped put Salem’s total above the average. Sharp-shinned Hawks seemed hard to find, while Cooper’s Hawks were closer to recent
averages. Of the buteos, Red-shouldered numbers stay healthy and Red-tails were only a little lower than the last ten years. American Kestrels were closer to average than last year’s little explosion. Salem observers spotted twelve [average 12]; Gloucester had two [average 2]; and Cumberland three [average 4]. OK.

Happily, everyone was able to input their results and we see the “totals’ of our work right away. I think revisiting the old form will be the way to go in the future. That seemed to work well.  The emergency weather plan of going out a day earlier than called for did not have to be put into place, but it’s always there for future years. Speaking of that, next year, in just a little more than 51 weeks, we’ll do it Sunday 4 February 2024.
Thanks, everybody, you’re the best.


  Vineland Nature Club

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